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We eat to live and not live to eat so what we eat is very essential to lead a healthy life. Diet is not just about eating food but is about eating right kind of food in right quantity and at right time.

Here at Homeopathy Allergies an initiative of Happy Livin - Your Wellness Connect we provide clinical diets which will help you increase your immunity and fight allergies.

It has been found that prevalence of allergies has increased dramatically over the past decades.It is alarming to find that allergies in children have drastically increased.It is generally agreed that a combination of heredity and environmental factors is responsible for the development of the allergy and asthma. Hence we guide you to build a healthy eating habit by lifestyle modification.Our Diet experts will provide customized diets as per your needs to help you lead a "ALLERGY FREE LIFE".

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Diet and Nutrition - Articles & Case Studies

Milk allergy (Lactose Intolerance) and its Dietary Managment

Description: Milk allergy is intolerance or inability to digest lactose or milk sugar present in milk. Also termed as milk allergy, it is commonly seen in babies mainly in 1st six months of their life. To know more Click Here