A Case of Allergic rhinitis cured with Specialized Homeopathic Treatment

A 18 years old young boy came to my residence at around 11pm with an acute attack of rhinitis. He has been sneezing violently and it is not stopping inspite of taking the antiallergic that he was taking. I saw his face was flushes, redness of the eyes and marked redness of the face.

The above presentation made my work easy as he was exhibiting the exact symptoms of the remedy. So i made the necessary notes and went ahead with the case taking.

The complaints were aggravated by the following things:

  • Fanning
  • Change of temperature
  • Cold drinks
  • Change of weather

The factors that gave releif to the patient were:

  • Dry climate
  • In air conditioned room
  • Open air
  • Movement

He has been suffering for the past 11/2- 2 years. He takes anti-allergic medicine which provides temporary releif. As he is doing his graduate studies in commerce the medicine causes drowsiness and it interferes with his performance so he wants to get rid it. He also told me that the complanits come suddenly and go suddenly along with this there is watering of the eyes,itching of the eyes and ears which make his very uncomfortable.

Another interesting symptom that the patient told that he becomes very angry when he is unwell. So it was confirming the remedy again. So the point is a correct case history is very important even a small point can make a difference in finding the right remedy. So the patient who is seeking a Homeopathic remedy or treatment should provide all the details no matter how insignificant they might be. Let your Homeopath decide what is relevant and what is irrelevant.

The other complaint that the patient was suffering were hyperacidity burning sensation in the retrosternal region which is aggravated by spicy food and ameliorated by cold drinks.

Emotional nature

He is an introvert doesn't mix easily with people and prefers to mix only with select few friends. He also has an inferiority complex but he doesn't know the details as to how it developed. He is very emotional by nature and if he is disturbed music gives him much releif.

As a child he was very obstinate and irritable. When he used to be angry he threw things. When we asked him about his relationships and family history he said he doesn't want to discuss it. I knew his family history from other sources and he had a traumatic childhood parents have been separated. Also he said he is not very ambitious as he feels he lacks confidence. He is good in his studies.He bites his nails when he is nervous. These were the only details that were available as per the emotional nature was concerned.

Personal history:

  • Diet: non vegetarian
  • Appetite: good
  • Craving: meat , salt, sweets and indigestable things
  • Sleep and dreams: sleep disturbed due to nasal blockage.Also dreams related to his family members.

On examination:

  • Redness of the face and the eyes
  • Throat congested
  • R.S: mild rhonchi
  • Cracking in the knee joints
  • Teeth caries

Date Follow up Prescription
14/10/06   Rx
Belladonna 30c
2pills 6 hourly
to stop it as soon as he felt better
20/10/06 No sneezing
Marked relief in rhinitis
Patient was very happy as he didn't expect to get relief so fast. One more misconception that Homeopathy takes longtime to show the result was removed.
The patient had taken 4 doses of Belladonna and then stopped it as instructed.
Sac lac 2pills 6 hourly
Natrum sulph 6x 3tablets 4 times a day for 14 days
6/12/06 No complaints Rx
Natrum.sulph 6x 3 tablets 4 times

The patient reported every 15 days with improvement in his condition. We have now stopped his medicines and have asked him to report only if required. Natrum sulph 6x was prescribed as an supplement with consideration of the following symptoms. Complaints better in dry weather and Physiological jaundice on birth. Aggravation of complaint in damp weather.

Learning from the case

Observation on the part of the physician gave the important input for finding the right remedy.

Importance of past history in this case the patient's past history of Physiological jaundice on birth along with the other symptoms described above, helped to come to select Natrum sulph which put the patient back on the track of health.

Above case is for informative purpose do not self medicate.