A person who develops allergic symptoms when he comes in contact with products derived from natural rubber latex. Then the person can be suffering from latex allergy. Natural rubber latex comes from a liquid in tropical rubber trees.

This liquid is processed to make rubber products such as balloons, baby bottle nipples, gloves, rubber bands, condoms, adhesive tapes and bandages. The protein in rubber can cause allergic reaction in some people.

Signs and Symptoms: Latex allergy can be mild or severe depending upon the sensitivity of the person.
Symptoms due to direct contact with latex: This rash occurs most often in people who wear protective gloves, such as dental and health care workers. It makes your skin appear red, dry and cracked.
Allergic contact dermatitis: Reaction to latex or chemical additives used during manufacturing process causes a skin rash when it comes in contact with latex. Rash usually occurs 24 to 48 hours after parts of skin come in contact with latex.

A life-threatening allergic reaction can also occur in a latex sensitive person.

Exposure to latex may cause immediate reactions such as redness, itching, sneezing and wheezing when your immune system reacts to protein present in natural rubber latex.
Symptoms may occur due to exposure to airborne latex particles in the air which fly into the air when the gloves are taken off. Latex gloves are coated with powder, the latex protein particles stick to the powder and fly into the air when gloves are put on or removed.

Signs and Symptoms are: